All carbon anodes are NOT created equal.

Aminco Anodes is a leading producer of carbon anodes because… we are uniquely qualified to deliver exacting standards of production, on time. High-quality anodes are produced at our state-of-the-art facilities in China combining Swiss-precision engineering with cost-effective manufacturing under the stewardship of our expert management team and key strategic partners in carbon technology — R&D Carbon Ltd., Carbon Systems, Inc., and Mannweiler Consulting.

  1. Precision Engineering
  2. Cost Effectiveness
  3. Energy Efficiency

Aminco’s higher-quality carbon anodes consistently outperform the competition and at lower overall costs. Our superior performance in all critical areas impacting costs translates into savings for Aminco customers that appreciate:

  • The lowest anode cost/ton of aluminum produced
  • The best cost-benefit ratio in the industry

Aluminum smelters outsource anode production to meet long-term demand or temporary dislocations. Our world-class anodes reduce both raw material cost and the cost of operation while providing customized solutions to the specific requirements of our clients.

As a sustainable company, Aminco Anodes is committed to acting responsibly to protect and preserve the environment.