Since 1986, Aminco has been supplying innovative carbon-technology solutions and new processes to our global customers in the aluminum and steel industries. Our experienced management, in partnership with a team of Swiss carbon-technical experts — R&D Carbon Ltd., and Carbon Systems, Inc. — produces high-quality carbon anodes, cost-effectively, and supports customers in optimizing product consumption.

We operate five state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in China for the production of high-quality carbon anodes. Late in the 1990’s, Aminco strategically positioned itself in China, where low sulfur and low metal green petroleum coke is available and suitable for calcining and carbon anode manufacturing. Thus, Aminco has significant expertise regarding the availability, quality and sourcing of Chinese green coke. Custom blending of this coke is the key to successful production of high-quality calcined coke and carbon anodes.

Combining proven expertise in raw material sourcing, innovative engineering, customized manufacturing and comprehensive logistical support, Aminco has earned the confidence of its clients as the preferred outsource provider of carbon anodes.

The Aminco management team brings decades of experience working together in all phases of carbon anode production complemented by our partners, a team of world-renowned innovators and specialists in carbon and aluminum — in technology, manufacturing, operations, processes, quality control and in the optimization of raw materials. Our team not only ensures the high-quality standards of Aminco Anodes but also provides the intellectual capital and technical support to assist our exclusive suppliers and customers.

Aminco’s headquarters are in New York with offices in Zurich and Beijing. Further, our extensive worldwide network of agents supports product supply and customer service, on a local basis.