“The value of good quality anodes is much more than two to three times the cost of abnormal excess carbon consumption. The effect is dramatic.” — Journal of Minerals, Carbon Forum, July 1990. Measure the “true” cost of carbon anodes in terms of power consumption, net carbon consumption and factor in quality inefficiencies.

The superior performance of Aminco Anodes due to precision engineering and production is apparent in all areas critical to quality and cost. All anodes are not created equally. The high quality of Aminco Anodes generates greater value for customers from savings.

Aminco carbon anodes:
  • Lower dusting propensity: up to 80% less carbon dust
  • Improve current efficiency
  • Reduce power consumption
  • Reduce net carbon consumption

Aminco Anodes are precision engineered and cost-effectively produced. Our high-quality anodes provide the best cost-benefit characteristics in the industry. Our management and technical team not only ensures high-quality standards of Aminco Anodes but also provides the intellectual capital and technical support to assist as needed, our exclusive suppliers and customers.

We listen to our customers.