Aminco Anodes is well-positioned to meet the rising demand of aluminum. Today, even among large producers with integrated in-house carbon facilities, aluminum smelters continue to outsource a portion of their supply of carbon anodes for a variety of reasons:

  • Excess demand beyond plant capacity or time constraints
  • Internal equipment repair/rebuild/upgrade
  • Price arbitrage between anodes and calcined petroleum coke (cpc) markets
  • Conversion of smelting technologies from older, in situ Soderberg anodes to new, pre-bake anodes
  • Aluminum production capacity creep, internal carbon cannot keep pace
  • Opportunity for deferment of capital expenses
  • Need to reduce local carbon footprint
  • Reduce energy consumption per ton of aluminum produced
  • Drive to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions in manufacturing process by reducing anode effects

From the supply side, Aminco Anodes is in position to accommodate accelerating demand for carbon anodes while reducing a smelter’s costs including net carbon consumption:

Raw Materials

Our world-class carbon supply reduces a smelter’s operating cost.


Our world-renowned team of experts in aluminum, anode manufacturing and coke calcination lend their expertise and innovation to meet the technical challenges in all phases of anode production including process and quality control and optimization.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in China combines the manufacturing strength and cost efficiencies of China with Swiss-precision manufacturing techniques to yield world-class anodes that outperform competitors’ and reduce costs.


Aminco is known for delivering our products on spec and on time.

  • Effective supply-chain management starts with raw material procurement; then manufacturing is synchronized with transportation to customers.
  • Anode shipments require specialized packing, stowage and vessel configuration.
  • Due to the current volatility of the freight market, Aminco Anodes effectively manages freight exposure by using multi-modal transportation including truck and ocean transport, usually in combination to take advantage of economies.
  • Further, Aminco maintains a stockpile inventory or consignment stock in situations where a customer requires “just-in-time” delivery of critical materials.
  • This not only eliminates supply disruption due to transportation delays, but also reduces working capital requirements for customers.