Exceptional Service and Powerful Solutions to Unique Challenges AND Needs

Smelters of all sizes partner with Aminco to supply their carbon anodes — short-term (operationally), medium-term (tactically) or long-term (strategically). Demand is based on varied internal and external pressures; for example… the need for a furnace repair/rebuild… the opportunity for price arbitrage between anodes and CPC markets… to defer capital expenditures for conversion of Soderberg capacity to pre-bake… to keep pace with aluminum production capacity creep… and/or any number of environmental concerns including the need to reduce GHG emissions in the manufacturing process by utilizing Aminco’s more energy-efficient anodes.

Aminco Eliminates Hassles and Risks

Through the synergy of our collaboration, we achieve our shared objective: To deliver precision-engineered, cost-effective and energy-efficient carbon anodes built to your specifications, seamlessly and on-time. We fully invest our technical knowledge and skills in this partnership. The doors are open to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, operations, resources, research, etc. As a custom manufacturer of carbon anodes, we work responsively with our partners in a variety of ways depending on their preferences. Some have us manage the process from start to finish (they rely on Aminco as a design-friendly “one-stop” manufacturing shop), while others are “hands on” and prefer us to take a more removed role.

Specify your timing needs.
The Aminco professional team offers comprehensive expertise to facilitate the process at each step for existing and new partners:

  • Step 1
  • Send us a set of specifications including your Pot Cell characteristics and the critical operating parameters within your company’s pots.
  • Step 2
  • Provide technical drawings of the precise configuration of the anode.
  • Step 3
  • Determine the required volumes.

Aminco then makes an offer. Sometimes, but not always, a trial may be produced to verify performance and adherence to specifications. Contact Aminco Anodes, we look forward to hearing from you.