Assumptions can be changed to accurately evaluate carbon costs for any specific reduction plant.

Properties of Aminco Anodes vs. Typical Chinese Anodes

The precision of our engineering is apparent in all areas critical to quality and cost.

Aminco Anodes Quality Positively Impacts Performance

Aminco Anodes provide superior performance in all critical areas impacting costs.

Aminco’s Lower Dusting Propensity Affects Performance and Yield

Aminco Anodes generate 80% less carbon dust.

Aminco Anodes Quality Improves Current Efficiency

Savings with Aminco Anodes $1,449,945
(1,343 mt/Al/year x 1,000 x ([$2.58 LME + premium/kgAI – Raw material cost of $150/kgAl])

Aminco Anodes Quality Reduces Power Consumption

Savings with Aminco Anodes $3,780,397
(75,607,937 DCKWh/year x $.050/DCkWh)

Aminco Anodes Quality Reduces Net Carbon Consumption

Savings with Aminco Anodes $2,738,132
(3,423 mtC x $800/mt)

Summary of Potential Savings Using Aminco Anodes