Michael J. Wrotniak Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Wrotniak is responsible for Aminco’s carbon manufacturing and trading activities. Mr. Wrotniak has focused on expanding manufacturing opportunities in emerging markets since 1990.

Eli Epstein Chief Innovation Officer

Mr. Epstein was the founder and CEO of Calco, a partner of Conoco Oil in a calcined coke production joint venture based in North America, Venco, where he was responsible for marketing and business development.

Sheldon Lerer Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Lerer has 35 years of experience in the industrial raw material space with a focus on calcined coke. He has worked for Philipp Brothers, as well as Calco, where he held various positions including CFO and COO. Mr. Lerer was a board member of Venco for more than 10 years.

Scott Bonder Director of Operations and Logistics

Mr. Bonder has been involved in trading and supply chain management for over 20 years. Before joining Aminco in 2012, Mr. Bonder held positions with Noble Americas, Coutinho Caro/CCC Steel, NC Wire, Novarco and Gerald Metals.